Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Strange Boys. 27th June - The Globe, Cardiff

The Strange Boys will be making a welcome appearance at The Globe on the 27th of June, bringing with them their unique blend of 60's tinged rock music.

Despite their age, the band have managed to reincarnate the vibrancy of bands like The Kinks and create a sound which is nostalgic but relevant and new.

With vocals reminiscent of Kings of Leon's Kaleb Followill, Ryan Sambol adds to the stripped down instrumentation to create highly raw emotional sound.

The release of their excellent new album 'Be Brave' sees the band expand on their simplistic sound while adding tinges of country to the mix with songs such as 'I See' and 'Friendly in Paris'.

This band is definitely well worth checking out! Ticket's are a very reasonable £6

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